Facebook 18+ Pornographic Videos Spam is Active Again

Facebook spam is not a new word for us. We have seen many Facebook spams so far and the spam I’m going to talk about today is not an old one but seems so.

According to the web sources and after seeing some of my friends' profiles who are victimized to it, It is confirmed that the old 18+ video spam is being propagated through the Facebook profiles again and so I am willing to share some information about it with you.

This spam was seen in the past and we have also discussed about the preventive measures under online security discussions.

This time, it seemed to have been upgraded, as Facebook has made serious changes to its algorithm to get rid of spam in the news feed in the past after it was seen.

Lets see how the spam propagation works

It is a ‘Trojan’ malware that tags the victims' friends to that porn video post. When someone clicks on the video link, it will show a preview of the porn video followed by asking to install a flash player(fake) to continue the video.

This malware is found to be infecting 110k and counting so far, as per the information provided by Reza Faghani on seclists.org. To make its existence as hidden as possible, this malware tags only minimal list of 20 friends from the list.

What has upgraded?

As we talked about it previously, this malware is a upgraded version of the the past one. Ever since the Facebook algorithm is updated, the chance of propagating this kind of malware was discouraged and so it was not seen in recent days.

The older Trojan was used to not only tag but also send a message to the victim’s friends with the link. Thus, it was propagated like a nuclear reaction in the past.

Now, it is not sending any messages to victims’ friends but is tagging them in minimal.

Here is the true horror story

This malware actually propagates when the fake flash player is installed and run. The fake software will even record your mouse and keystrokes. Later, it establishes a network with the porn sites that it was intended to do.

How to protect yourselves?

  1. If you are a parent and worried about your children under 18 years, please go through this parenting guide to protect against online evils.
  2. Know about the list of best child safety software on the internet.
  3. Learn about detecting and fighting against malware on your computer.
  4. Learn about hiding your profile from unknown people.
  5. Learn about logging out from everywhere on Facebook.
  6. Learn about turning off unnecessary tagging on Facebook.
  7. Learn about removing tough and unnecessary extensions from Google Chrome.
  8. Updates your anti-virus definitions and upgrade your web browsers.
  9. Do not install unverified software.
  10. Be conscious always when on the internet.

Stay safe!

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