Evergreen Tips for Writing SEO Friendly Blog Posts

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Blogs have become one of the most effective tools of content marketing in recent years. The amount of traffic a website attracts depends on a great extent on the quality of content. Here are some tips which you need to follow in order to ensure that your blog post attracts the desired number of visitors:

Publish on a regular basis

No matter how good your content is, it won’t be able to attract the desired amount of traffic if you don’t publish on a regular basis. Search engines such as Google and Bing regard blogs which are published for relevant searches as a good resource. So, publishing high quality content on a daily basis should be your priority. Make it a point to post one or two blog posts in a week.

Utilize SEO friendly blog applications

Blogging platforms such as Word Press and Blogger are widely used by bloggers since they are search engine friendly. While selecting a blogging application, you need to keep in mind the title or keywords in the URL of blog post, and also edit meta tags to your post.

Add meta tags and descriptions to your blog posts

Meta tags and descriptions help search engines to have a clear idea about the subject a blog post is related to. Make sure that you use a simple language with appropriate keywords.

Make use of SEO friendly titles

You need to perform keyword analysis in order to find out the keyword which will help you to attract a substantial amount of traffic to your blog post. Keyword research tools will provide you with accurate information on the number of competitions and visits each keyword has. Frame the title accordingly using the keyword which has been attracting a high amount of traffic.

Use Google Maps or YouTube videos to enhance your content

Most of the visitors browse through a site within a span of seconds. In order to retain their interest in your blog post and create an instant impression in their minds, you should use Google Maps or YouTube videos in order to help them relate with your content. For example, if your blog is related to the real estate sector, using Google Maps to show the location of upcoming projects will help you to retain the interest of visitors over a longer time period than what you normally do.

Link your blog to the landing page of your site

Linking your blog posts to your website’s landing page will do you a world of good from the SEO perspective. Using these internal links, you will be able to generate leads from the incoming traffic.

Establish Google authorship for your blog posts

Website owners with Google Authorship for their blog posts are able to draw a greater amount of traffic in comparison to others. Once you are able to acquire authorship for the blog posts you share on Google, there will be a significant improvement in your web presence. Your blog posts will also appear more frequently in searches. So once you acquire authorship for the content you create, update your profile with your name, picture and Google+ information.

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