WhatsApp Sharing Button for Blogger and Wordpress

Social media sharing buttons are one of the necessary ornaments for any blog these days. whenever your blog readers find the article too cute to be shared, social media buttons will help them chubby your article with their love and support.

No matter where do you place them, make sure you put them in reach for your readers. I recommend you to put them right under the article body rather than sticking them to the sidewalls of the site that scrolls through the article.

So far, we had social sharing buttons for major social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Digg and Pinterest and so on, assuring us the subscribers from all these different social networks.

After watching the increased priority for mobile rendering of webpages,  social sharing plugin developers for websites are also adapted the ‘mobility’ for content sharing.

According to BuzzFeed, iPhone users are tapping on WhatsApp button more than twitter’s.

This resulted in the addition of WhatsApp sharing button along with the rest of their social networking buttons.

Check out the AddThis announcement of new services being added to their plugin including WhatsApp.

Checkout this announcement by paper.li about the adding of sharing button to the header of the paper.

However the WhatsApp sharing button can be manually added in your site code. But as per the information provided by the Whatsapp-Sharing.com, old code added prior 16-09-2014 will not work if not updated to latest version.

Here is the updated version of the code:
<a href="whatsapp://send" data-text="Take a look at this awesome website:" data-href="" class="wa_btn wa_btn_s" style="display:none">Share</a>

You can add this code to your site where you wanted to the share button appear. Remember to make it appear closer to content.

Adding WhatsApp Sharing button for Blogger/Wordpress

To add the WhatsApp button to your Blogger/WordPress blog, you can do it in 2 ways.
  1. By using the readymade plugin
  2. By adding the code shown above manually
1. By using readymade plugin – Go to AddThis.com and create your own widget > Get the code > Add it to your blog.

2. By adding the code manually – Copy the above updated version of the code and paste it where you wanted it to display on your blog.

However, there available another ready-made plugin for WordPress called mobile-sharebar which can make your task much easier.

Till next time!

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  4. Working perfectly.!!
    Look like I have to update my whatsapp :D
    Thanks for this one too, Sasidhar bro.!!

  5. Hi Rahul,

    Glad it worked out for you :)
    Keep visiting back for more awesomeness.

    Have a great weekend :)


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