Microsoft Renames Skype as iMessage in Windows 10

Windows 10 will not have Skype. Isn’t that shocking? Wait don’t give yourself a heart stroke. Microsoft renames the most lovable multi-purpose chat application as iMessage along with the new UI.

This might sound surprising but it is true, Microsoft is integrating Skype with a new name in Windows 10. It seems like Microsoft is bringing back the in-built messaging application that earlier versions of Windows 8 had. Unfortunately, the software giant discontinued the messaging app with Windows 8.1 update leaving users a conclusion of the short lived app of all times.

The new iMessage in Windows 10 allows you to chat, make video or voice call your contacts on Skype. Another interesting feature is that it will maintain a sync between the devices. You can continue the chat after leaving it in the middle on another device.

You would give a double exclamation if I say that the UI looks pretty similar to messaging application in Apple’s OSX with the same rounded profile pictures and dual-panel white interface.

Don’t you think Microsoft is adapting the Job’s dreamy design?

Respect to Steve Jobs for his amazing designs!!

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