Malaysian Airlines Website Hacked by Lizard Squad

It is not the first time, Malaysian Airlines appearing in hot news and this time it is not about missing of the plane but it is about the cyber attack on their official website.

Yes! Malaysian Airlines official website is hacked and the havoc comes in cyber form this time to them. The official is defaced by Lizard Squad hackers. The website has been replaced with a lizard-man in a tuxedo with a smoking pipe in the mouth(a morphed imaged).

The image is followed by the credit text “Hacked by LIZARD SUQAD – OFFICIAL CBER CALIPHATE”. They also left their twitter handle on the website. It is not the first time for them to exploit on websites, they have been arrested for performing DDOS attacks in the past.
The worst thing about it is that Lizard Squad tweets about the Malaysian Airlines website hack and he is what it says,

Here is what people respond for their tweet,

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