Are You Following the Same Old Strategies for Your Brand New Coupons Website?

Affiliate marketing have showed the internet marketers the scope of high earnings in the past few years. The current trend of ecommerce have extended the welcome to new strategies and new ways to earn most of it. People have inspired with this growth and success of fellow marketers and so started out coupons websites.

If you are the one who recently started out coupons website, you should read this article without missing out a word(I guess).

So, you have just started out your website with all your affiliate & sponsored links.

What kind of coupons are you planning to put in there?

How are you going to expand your reach?

How are you going to convince your visitors buy from your links?

What are your strategies?

If you are following the same strategies that everyone is following, you would become one among the everyone else. Make your strategies standout as the best among the rest. Just like the one I have came across these days on writes about the products, the complete guides like ‘what to wear in this winter? – the complete guide to winter wear dressing style for men and women’ and then shows up the offers on the same products later.

This might sound like the one that an intelligent blogger-marketer often use, but they have improvised and molded it into their website niche well. It, in fact increases the conversion rate as they(visitors) are getting the full information about the products in one place.

To talk about the kind of coupons you need to place on the website, we should talk about these things,
  • Coupon expiry
  • Discount rate
  • Store’s reputation and
  • Season
Coupons expiry – It is one of the 3 major issues a coupon website owner should take care of. People don’t expect to see expiry date on the coupons they choose. So, it is better to fadeout or remove the expired coupons automatically.

Discount rate – It is one of the vital things that bring conversions from your visitors. Highlight the high discount product links on the top and the least to bottom.

Store’s reputation – Store’s reputation is one of the driving factors for your visitors. Though you display big discount coupons of infamous online stores in the front line and small discounts later, people will choose to take the small one with respect to reputation and positive feedback of the shop.

For e.g., If you place amazing discount coupons of 60% from a ‘Store X’ in the front line and discounts of 20% from a store like Flipkart in next, people will choose to buy from Flipkart only.

This in turn, might give you danger of loosing your valuable visitors as well. So, take care and plan good contrast among the above three points.

Season – Every season is special for any kind of marketer. As we talked about CouponMahcine’s creative strategy earlier, create your own strategy and target keywords for that season. However, the season is also dependent on other 3 points above somehow.

Hope that helps!

All the best!

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