Make Microsoft Word Your Default Blog Post Editor

I know it is a bit non-geeky to use default blog post editor every time. It would work fine until you don’t need any interaction-with-visitor module in it. Also, we may have to work for overtime to design the graphs, images, or any other advanced graphics that can be inserted into your blog post. Isn’t it?

Think for a second, how sophisticated it would be if you have an interface like MS Word for blogging?

Wait a second! Why can’t it be MS Word?

Isn’t it great if you could use your favorite word processor software Microsoft Word for blogging?

Yeah! Of course it is!

So, how can we make MS Word useful for blogging?

I’m here to reveal the magic for you. Tuck yourself in the seat and read the following process to configure your blog with MS Word.

Open MS Word software in your computer. Click on New Blog Post > Create.

It then asks you to register a blog account.

Click on Register Now. Choose the blog provider and click Next.

Give the username and password. Mark the tick on the Remember Password checkbox if you don’t want to sign in every time you wanted to write a blog post using MS Word.

Click on Picture Options and provide your server upload and source URLs.

When you are done with Picture Options, click Ok to get back to username-password window.

Click on Yes to continue the setup.

When it is done, it would look something like this,

Navigate through the menu and other options and find your way around the new blog post editor.

Alternate Clue – Making it more easier:

You may type your post by choosing the New Blank Document at first and later can publish it to your blog by navigating to Share > Publish to blog > go with the setup process as shown above.

Isn’t that helped your blogging easier and faster? Share your thoughts about it in comments below!

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