5 Budget Gadgets Of The Year 2015

New Year starts with a set of fresh aims and goals. We would have planned to get new things for the upcoming, but the price factor worries us a lot. What if you are told they are within our budget?

Start by having a look at the five budget gadgets of the year.

1. Spice Smart Pulse M-9010 Smart Watch

This cool gadget eases our many day to day work. It is a smart watch makes us smart in many way and is the best of the budget gadgets available in the market.


A dual SIM with a micro SD slot in your wrist? Yeah, our gadget provides it. You can call or text whenever, wherever and to whomever you want.

It even has a Bluetooth, with a video and audio player so we can definitely go for it.

Won't you be shell shocked if you are told it just has a price value of Rs.3876?

Yeah! this is nothing but the truth. Perfectly fitting within the budget.

2. Mi 10400 mAh Power Bank

Are you the person who has his/her hands on social media(Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.) through cellphones, 24x7?

Have you ever felt your phone charge doesn't keep upto your expectations which worries you almost all the time?

Be not as Mi has launched power bank for Rs.999 only, with which you can be certain of the tech world in your hands throughout. We just ought to have time to plug it in our cellphones after which you can use your cellphones throughout without worrying.

3. JBL Pebbles Speaker

Definitely music kind of freaks all our emotions out. Such power can be unleashed only when it comes out from these . JBL Pebbles brings the best quality in all aspects be it Hardcore or melody.

Just switch it on and get yourself pumped up with energy. There is a clean segregation of all the instruments, such fine quality at Rs 299. WOW! it makes us numb.

4. Xiaomi MI 3

The sales record with which it created a buzz in the technology tells completely about why we should opt for Xiaomi MI 3.

A high end phone sold out in lower prices are rare. One such phone with designable software and hardware specification is Xiaomi MI. It stands as a barrier for the other country phone as there is need in the improvement of their production.But overall if given a chance just go and grab it.

You won't regret. Satisfaction guaranteed.

5. Dell Inspiron 3541 Notebook

The name itself inspires us, a best buy with sufficient features. 4GB RAM,500GB Harddisk with Dual core processor clenches the thirst for a common man. A user friendly lap with necessary features to make people engage. Nothing too ordinary or extraordinary it is a shadow of both.

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