How to remove all friends on Facebook at a time

Do you want to clean up your profile and start a fresh life on Facebook? Generally, you would delete or leave the current profile as it is and start-up by creating a new profile again.

Why should you just create another profile and re-start your whole life on it?

Do you know that Facebook has started to clean up duplicate profiles a long ago?

Can you guess the after-effects of the action you are going to take about creating a new profile?

Loss #1: Facebook celebrates your presence at the start of every year and on your every birthday. It summarizes the moments, actions, pictures and all the life you have lived in that year so far. Creating a new profile may not give you Choco chips of happiness during such moments.

Loss #2: The movies you watched all through the year, the places you have visited, the moment you shared when you first voted, the beautiful phase of your life that you have entered, when you committed a relationship, all goes in passing of thought to create a new profile.

Loss #3: What about the photos, videos, group chats, and messages? Facebook is going to wipe out all the data you have uploaded unknowingly.

Why are you doing this? Is it all about wiping out the anonymous friends out of your profile?

It seems like you are right! We can remove 10 or 20 unknown and annoying people with patience, but what if a profile has hundreds of zombies around?

Aha! wait there! I got a solution for you. You need not to loose your years of life on Facebook every time you wanted to wipe out your profile. There is a simple Chrome extension available using which we can remove all friends at a time.

Downloading and installing the Chrome extension

Step 1: Go to this link and add the extension to your Google Chrome browser.

Step 2: Once it is installed and added to your browser, it will appear on the extensions bar like this,

Step 3:  Click on it > Press Ok to open in new tab.

Step 4: A pop-up windows will open the toolkit with all available options. Click on Free Removal Tools tab.

Step 5: Choose Unfriend All The Friends At Once option to remove all friends at a time from your profile.

What about family and dear ones?

This extension will remove all friends at a time as it won't know who is closer to you. Send friend requests to only those whom you wanted them in your list. It is a little drawback of this application but not that worst than that of creating a new profile.

How should it be? – It would have been good if it asks the user with a confirmation dialog to remove friends of certain groups, so that we won’t be removing the friends added to ‘close friends’ and ‘family’ groups.

However it is better than losing years of life. Isn’t it?

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