YotaPhone Review: Dual Screen Phone Failed to Win Hearts

The world is advancing, the world’s first dual screen phone is here. The Russian smartphone manufacturer company, Yota has came up with their next generation flick, the YotaPhone recently.

There would have been less heat if it is another smartphone with amazing specifications of same kind. But YotaPhone comes with dual screen as a main feature.

“Dual Screen? Wow!” was my expression till I had a look at the phone. After looking at the specs of the phone, my wow moment has slowly lost its base.

Let us see what had impressed and what dismayed me about this product.

Wonderful front screen

YotaPhone has got 4.3 inch IPS LCD display touch screen on the front with HD resolution of 1280x720 that can render photos and videos of 16:9 aspect ratio with 342ppi.

The size of the front screen is very optimal and can fit firmly in the hand. So I would like to give it a +.

Front screen: +1

Power efficient & impossible second screen

YotaPhone is the world’s first dual screen phone. The purpose of adding another screen is to enable hours of battery efficient e-reading on the phone. The black and white grayscale power efficient display(second screen) will earn a +1 for its functionality.

The problem with the dual screen is that you cannot put the phone off your hands easily as you have to place it on either of the screens. So, how long can you hold it for? If YotaPhone has a holder that comes with it, can you take it along with you everywhere? This gets a –1 for sure.

Totally, the second screen takes +1-1 resulting 0.

High speed processor and very good RAM

YotaPhone comes with 1.7GHz Dual core Snapdragon Processor and 2GB RAM. The processor is able to process tasks with high speed but not in line with the now-a-day quad core processor tradition. The 2GB RAM is so good and the 1.7GHz processor can use the most of it.

Processing & RAM: +1

Awful design

The another thing that will disappoint you is the design of the phone. It has a flat front screen and bendy second one giving it a bold phone look with 9.99mm thickness which is again not in line with now-a-day thin phones.

In the era of 5.5mm thin phones like Gioone Elife s5.5, 9.99mm could be a disaster. So design should take a -1.

Design: –1

Good internal memory with no expandability

YotaPhone has got 32GB internal memory and it is a great deal for the price it is offered for. But it has no SD card expansion that most of the today’s phones have, that too up to 128GB expandability support.

This is the era of death of GB and birth of TB. It may take no time for quickly evolving smart phones to adapt terabytes of memory. because that’s what happened when external memory cards were introduced for smart phones.

So, YotaPhone should take a +1 and a –1 consecutively resulting 0.

Good graphics

YotaPhone comes with Aderno 320 graphics with 1.7 Snapdragon 400 processor which is not bad for a 23k rupees phone. This gets a +1 for sure.

Graphics: +1

Older operating system

YotaPhone still runs on Android Jellybean 4.2.2 where as world is upgrading to lollipop 5.0. There is no announcement of updating to latest version. So older operating system earns a –1 for sure.

Operator System: –1

Camera with no second screen compatibility

This dual screen phone have 13MP front camera(located near second screen) and 1MP secondary camera(located near first screen). The camera is not so great and it cannot capture the true colors of the picture as well.

Camera: -1

Irresponsive touch screens

The both screens are not quite sensitive and it takes a bit pressure on the screen to interact with it. So touch sensitive takes a –1.

Touch: –1

Only 6 months warranty for in-box accessories

YotaPhone gets 1 year warranty for the handset and only 6 months warranty for the accessories in the box. This is a decision-took-back feature of YotaPhone. So, takes a big –1.

Warranty: –1 

Final decision

Smartphones with dual screen is an innovative idea of this era but it isn’t fully justified in case of YotaPhone. If you want a phone with e-book reader, YotaPhone would be a good choice but if you wanted a phone with very good specs, it may not be the one.

Think before you buy it.

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