Good News: WhatsApp is Now Subscription FREE in India

Who doesn’t know about WhatsApp these days? The days have been much easier when this messaging app brought down the SMS costs almost to zero for many of the smartphone users.

WhatsApp is not actually a free service and it costs you $1 subscription for every year. One need to pay $1 to use it for all the next year which is really a cheap subscription most of the Indians would not like to pay for.

They simply uninstall the application and reinstall it to get a free one-year startup subscription every time.  It seems like WhatsApp have compromised with the Indianistic usage of the app so made the app subscription-free in the country.

That means WhatsApp is now free to download and use for any number of years without any penny subscription renewal free.

The latest announcement of stopping of Skype voice calls on mobiles in India have sparked a hope in mobile app companies and encouraged them to announce voice calling in their upcoming updates for their apps.

The reason why WhatsApp is popular is that it is ad-free unlike other free versions of the chatting and messaging applications. If this subscription free-market stunt introduces any kind of ads into the conversation, it is the day WhatsApp paves the way for its own death.

May this be the time for telecom companies come down with their over hiked tariff plans of low validity times or else they’ll have to keep begging the Indian government to block certain kind of apps in India. Skype too got the toll and people can’t tolerate any further blockages. After all, country means people, not companies, Isn’t it right?

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