Grateful for being selected as the ‘New GEM’ of Aha-Now Blogging Community for the month of October 2014

Here my story of my experiences in Aha-Now Blogging Community after spending and sharing time and knowledge with the fellow passionate bloggers and inspiring personalities for a month. I am grateful to the ABC team for selecting me a ‘new GEM’ for the month of October 2014.


Blogging has been my hobby, passion and a part of my routine. It has been more like breathing for me all these two years. It was a month ago I came to know about an awesome blogging community that is not like any other forum or community on the internet as far as I know.




I signed up for the community membership in Aha-Now Blogging Community(shortly known as ABC) just as I did for a few forums before. I never engaged in discussions seriously before in any of the famous forums I have joined but kept feeding up with the new discussion topics and noticed some kind of emptiness in them.


When I joined ABC, I thought it would be another forum like community with a lot of babbling over the topics, but when I once stepped in, the scene was total different. Starting from madam Harleena Singh’s warm welcome to sir Vinay’s starter guidelines, every second of existence in ABC encouraged, educated and inspired me.


One thing I should confess that I’ve been given more than enough chances for my toddler mistakes I have done in the community and have been educated from time to time. The act of kindness, respect and treating one another as a part of the family fascinated me and kept me look back at the family for any kind of blogging and personal help.


This community gave me quality readers as well as good friends like Harleena Singh, Swadhin Agarwal, Yvonne I Wilson, Nisha Pandey, Ravi Chahar, Ikechi Awazie, Rohan Chaubey and more. I am looking forward to meet more people from the community and congratulate the winner Ravi Chahar for the $600 worth Ergotron WorkFit-A Sit-Stand Workstation.


Thank you ABC team for taking me into your wonderful family and thank you for choosing me a the ‘New Gem’ for the month of October 2014.

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