Add Your Blog Feed to MSN News App in Windows 8/8.1

If you are a Windows 8/8.1 user, you might have came across the news app in the metro tiles once at least. Some like me have a hobby of reading news from news app daily. It is more sophisticated than opening news sites individually on the browser.

The MSN news app in Windows 8/8.1 allows users to add their own news feed of their interest from different categorized sources.

You can also add your or any of your friend’s blog feed to the news. To add a feed of your or your friend’s blog, type in the RSS feed URL of the blog you wanted to keep updated about and click on ‘+’ symbol to add it to your sources.

Go back to news and check the feed from Sources category.

Open the source you have just added to read the latest updates from your blog.

Click on the title of the updates shown to read full stories.

So, it is that simple! Increase your readers by asking them to subscribe to your MSN news feed sources.

If you need any further help in adding your blog to MSN news feed sources, leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you in no time.

Adding Amfas Tech to Your News Sources

Apart from the regular social media subscriptions, You can read the latest updates from Amfas Tech through MSN news app on your Windows8/8.1 device.

To add Amfas Tech to your sources, Go to Sources > Click on ‘+’ > copy and paste the following RSS feed URL in the search box > Click on ‘+’ to finish adding.

Feed URL:

Ask me for any further help in adding Amfas Tech to your news feed sources.

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