Cyber Monday: Holiday Shopping Done Right

Mark your calendars. Monday, December 1, 2014, is Cyber Monday. The first Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday is traditionally Cyber Monday. The event is online mayhem, and it allows shoppers to capitalize on the deep discounts that online retailers offer. Deep discounts are what draw online shoppers to Cyber Monday retailers; and by "deep," expect 20-80% off major brands. Many retailers such as Amazon offer cyber deals all week long despite the shopping focus being on Monday.

What to Expect in Terms of Savings

Every online store offers something different. Savings on electronics such as laptops are insane. Cyber Monday is directly following Black Friday, and it is specifically for people who want deeply discounted consumer goods without dealing with the crowds. Nobody has been trampled yet at a Cyber Monday shopping event. Consumers should expect good sale prices from all the top online retailers such as Best Buy and Macy's. There are plenty of outstanding brands and sites where consumers save big bucks. However, the deals are not just on electronics.

If you have a favorite department store, then plan on hitting up its online store on Cyber Monday. Many stores offer deals that are only available online. The benefit for stores is that they attract millions of online customers. The benefit for consumers is that the lines and throngs of people do not exist. It is just you and your computer, and many people find shopping without crowds pure awesomeness.
Tips for Finding the Best Deals on Cyber Monday
The best tip for all consumers is to do your homework. Every online store will offer some type of web promotion or flyer that lists the deals. Look up the stores where you love to shop. Make notes of who has the best cyber sales for what items.
Compare brands before you shop. Cyber Monday is crazy. Cut the crazy and reap the rewards by doing research and being an informed consumer. At this time of year, don't race out to buy the best new LG smartphone. Be a patient shopper and wait until Cyber Monday, and then enjoy the savings.
Make a top five list. If you want a new laptop, make a list of the top five machines that you want. The limited availability of products and that there are millions of online shoppers means that some models will go lightning fast. Be prepared with your backup choices for brands and models. That is how you win on Cyber Monday.

Focus your attention on the items that you need or want. This is not just about holiday shopping. If you need a new computer, then Cyber Monday is likely the best time to find the best discounts.

Think outside of the box. Almost anything sold online is fair game for a Cyber Monday sales blitz, including travel deals, new appliances, and even new cars.
Make multiple online transactions. Not every online store will hold your in-cart items. If you find the world's greatest deal, buy it quickly. If you wait to fill up your shopping cart, you might find that some items have sold out while you were shopping.

Make a budget and stick to it. Make a list and stick to it. The savings and shopping frenzy during Cyber Monday make it tempting to spend way more money than you intend to spend. Set limits, and focus just on the items that you have put on your list. Just because it is Cyber Monday does not mean that you must spend irresponsibly.

With Cyber Monday coming up quickly, now is the best time to start all of your pre-shopping chores. Follow the above tips to reap the best rewards without breaking the bank. Cyber Monday offers consumers savings for holiday shopping or those occasional big-ticket purchases, such as a new flat-screen TV. Whether you are shopping for yourself, family, or friends, the time that you put in now will show in the end. If you have a big-ticket item on your to-buy list, chances are that you will find it on sale during the online mega-sale come December 1, 2014.

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