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Blogger platform allows blog owners to write on their blog(s) through mobile device or email. That means you don’t need to have your computer or laptop with you every time you wanted to post something.

To enable blogging through mobile, you need to add your mobile to your blog.

Posting through mobile

Go to Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Mobile & Email > and then click on Add mobile device to authenticate your mobile for posting on to your blog.
You can verify your mobile either through SMS, MMS or Email. Once your mobile device is verified, you can start posting on your blog through it.

Limitations while posting through mobile

However, there are some limitations while blogging through mobile. They are as follows:
  1. You can only send pictures of size below 250KB. Any further size sent would be bounced back with a message asking you to try again.
  2. Only text and images can be posted.
  3. General data charges apply.
  4. You can choose to post through only from text-message. Google won’t charge you any extra cost.

  • To disable text message replies, SMS STOP to BLOGGR(256447).
  • To cancel your device registration, SMS UNREGISTER to BLOGGR(256447). You can choose to re-register with the same blog or may register with another blog if you wish.
  • To get further support from mobile-blogger SMS HELP to BLOGGR(256447).
For more official information on blogger-mobile, visit this link.

Posting through email

Posting using email, also known as Mail2Blogger allows you to publish your posts through email. You have to create a secret word to make an email ID that should never be shared with anyone.

You no need to verify any device here as the secret words authenticate your identity over the blog. So keep the ‘secret email ID’ a secret.

Publish email immediately – Publishes your post as soon as it receives.
Saves emails as draft posts – Saves your posts as drafts so that you can review it once and post it later.
Disabled – Will keep the email feature disabled.

It is better to save the posts as drafts as you can optimize the article for search engine optimization later. Also it is better to keep it saved as draft rather than getting it published in case of hacked

Limitations while posting through email

  1. Only text and images can be posted.
  2. Can send images of bigger sizes(up to 10MB) directly.
  3. General data charges apply.

Notification Emails

Comment Notification Email – You can add up to 10 email IDs of yours and other admins of the blog to get notified when you get any comment on any of your blog posts.

Email Posts to – You can add up to 10 email addresses to get updated with an email when posted anything on the blog.

Isn’t it that simple?

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