How to Get Blogging Ideas While Watching Television

Excuse me for being such an blogging obsessive potato this time but I like to blog all times. I get ideas in the middle of the night, when eating, and watching television too. I know I am not the only person on this little planet who is passionate about writing something on their own authorized places and so I believe this article can help you out live on blog. I mean it, the ‘live’ word.

Everything runs out after sometime. Even blogging ideas run out sometimes. After writing too much, a blogger would naturally get exhausted and will search for more ideas to write.

I usually get creative ideas to blog while watching television and also a lot of research material for my next topic.

Television is a great source of ideas to blog, no matter on what niche you write about. Blogging while watching your favorite shows on TV is fun and productive too.

What kind of ideas to catch?

It is hard to blog while watching, because we are still humans, right? So don’t touch your computer while enjoying the show and note down the ideas during commercial breaks.

Fashion Blog Ideas – Room with television have always room of ideas for fashion bloggers. TV is a great source of ideas exploration for fashion bloggers. You can get ideas from the people who host the show and to the people who come in commercials. For fashion bloggers, TV is a Christmas box of chocolates.

Movie Blog Ideas – There is no need to tell about the movie-television relation. You can review the movies airing on television or write about the performances of the actors in it. You can write your expectations about the upcoming movies as well.

Family & Relations Blog Ideas – Do you like to write about family and relationships? do you conduct counseling sessions through your blog?

Television is the right place to explore human psychologies of famous and favorite stars and this can be helpful to give examples for your seekers as well.

Health Blog Ideas – The television  has also evolved and so exists the channels based on a niche. There available many health channels now on television and you can get as much topics as you can from them.

Not only these, you can also write about the medicines that are shown in commercial ads during breaks.

News Blog Ideas – If you are a news blogger, you have the feed right in front of your eyes. You may have to read several articles to write about a news topic when on internet but you can write while listening and watching it on the television.

Music Blog Ideas – Music channels are what I’d love to tune into while sleeping and relaxing in front of television.

You can update your blog with the information about new albums in the market and a TV can help you keep track of the trend.

Cooking Blog Ideas – I notice my mother and younger sister watching cooking shows on television once in a day.

If you can make the odor flew to the corner of the worlds through your blog, cooking channels and programs that show how to cook a recipe will surely give you a delicious topic to write about.

Devotional Blog ideas – There is no end for discussions about god and universe. Television can give more knowledge(I’d rather use it for ‘ideas’) to write about.

Science Blog Ideas – Tuning into NGC and Discovery is like shuffling the ball cage and picking out one. The channels like them give us as much knowledge as they give ideas with them. Next time you want to write about a science experiment and don’t have ideas, watch NGC for an hour.

Nature Blog Ideas – I was delighted to know recently that there are many nature bloggers who would like to write about nature and life in it. Channels like Animal Planet gives you as much natural inspiration as you want to write.

Business & Market Blog Ideas – Television shows assessing the markets and discussing the business strategies with the heads of the top companies will not only inspire you but also educate and let you jump on to another level of your research which is in turn motivates you to write.

Tech Blog Ideas – I never want to miss out the shows about gadgets in the market and their competition. Shows discussing about gadgets gives you key points to talk about them.

Also the commercial ads saying ‘ABC Smart phone with XY zoom technology’ gives a topic idea to write about ABC smart phone and the XY technology as well.

One last word

Watching television is no waste of time any longer. I still see some people saying that a television is an idiot box. The television is evolved, it is not just a device that plays puppet smash entertainment shows any longer. It gives knowledge, educates and teach about new ways to live in a day-to-day social life.

Apart from all the above, television is a great source of ideas for blogging. I love to note down ideas from my favorite shows and write about them on my blogs.

Hope you find yours while watching TV today. Don’t forget to post me the articles that you wrote watching television. Keep blogging!

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