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Before you start learning about ‘Basic’ settings in blogger, you should be aware of the term ‘Search Engine Optimization’ also called SEO shortly.

Search Engine Optimization is nothing but optimizing your blog according to search engine guidelines to increase your blog’s visibility on search engine results page(SERP).

Setting up your blog

Ok! let’s start with the basic settings.

To get started with the Basic Settings, go to blog’s dashboard and navigate to Settings > Basic.


Title – Title is the name of your blog and you have already given it while creating a new blog.

Note: It is strongly recommended not to change the title of your blog so frequently(i.e., more than 2 times in a year). Frequent changes to the title might not only confuse search engine algorithms but also confuses your readers. So do not cast away with amoebic changes.

Description – It tells you what your blog is about. It generally appears under the title on the blog. It is not the description that the search engine takes as a description but it only helps your readers understand what your blog is about.

Privacy – Blogger gives you control to set your blog open for search engines to crawl or not.

You can choose to list in or out your blog in search engine results as well as in Google blog listings.


Blog Address – Blog address is the URL of your blog with which it is accessible through the web browser. You have already chosen the URL while creating a new blog.

Note: It is recommended not to change your blog URL ever unless there is a dying need to do so. If the URL is changed, not only the search engine but also your readers would confuse and you may lose them permanently.


Blog Authors –  You can add up to 100 authors for a blog. Also, you can give administrator privileges to any number of authors under the limit.

Blog Readers – You are blogging, that doesn’t mean your blog should be open to the public to read. You can choose your own readers by invite or can limit its access to blog authors only.

This is all about Basic Settings. If I missed anything in it or you have any queries about it, please comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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