How to Cut Favorite Movie Clips Using Movie Maker

Who doesn’t love to watch movies? I’d love to watch them when I feel down, tired and exhausted to refill my energy reserves. Some parts of the movies entertain us, unlike the rest.

I know that you ever wanted to cut down and save your favorite parts of the movies so that you can watch them again and again. I guess you would have searched for video cutting tools online so far but all those free tools you searched for will expire after the trial.

I don’t mean to suggest you not to buy the software but, why to buy when there is a free tool already available.

If you are using a Windows operating system, check if movie maker is installed on your computer or not. If not, download and install movie maker, the lifetime free tool to edit videos in an awesome way.

Cutting Favorite Clips From Movies

Open Movie Maker program on your computer. Search for it if you can’t find it.

Click on Add videos and photos or just drag and drop the movie on to the moviemaker’s workspace.

Now go to Video Tools and click on Edit. Then click on Trim tool option to start cutting the video.

Set the starting and ending points of the part of the video that you wanted to cut and save. You can even set the endpoints by dragging on the video preview tool or set them with time points.

When you are done with setting the endpoints, click on Save trim to complete the cutting of the movie clip. Now the cut-down movie clip would be shown on the workspace alone.

Go to File>Save or Publish to the format you wanted.

That’s all! Play drumroll for yourself now!

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