Xiaomi Gives Away Screen Protector and SIM Adapter with Each Redmi 1S on Flipkart

Hugo Barra, vice president of renowned Chinese smart phone company Xiaomi have announced an hour ago that they are going to give away free screen protector and SIM adapter along with Redmi 1S through Flipkart.

Hugo Barra seems like much concerned about the requirements of Indian fans of Xiaomi Redmi 1S in his facebook status. He says,

“We're listening! Mi fans in India have been telling us that Screen Protectors are an essential accessory. So, starting today we will automatically add to every Redmi 1S order on Flipkart:
1) a free Screen Protector 2-pack
2) a free SIM Card Adapter 2-pack (micro > mini size)
It's Time to Go Red!”

The screen protector helps protecting screen from smudges and dust, the SIM card adapter that converts micro SIM to mini eliminates the need of buying a new SIM.

We know that Xiaomi released its new flick Redmi 1S recently as promised . It has already started giving a tough fight for other budget handsets and this free give away of accessories can take the chances of Redmi to next level.

Xiaomi is trying hard to plant their roots in Indian smart phone market with their amazing range of devices under different budgets. They have already given a jerk in the hearts of other well performing at market smart phone companies. Freebies like this may even give heart attack to them.

All the best Xiaomi!

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