What To Do When You Cannot Play Any Game On Facebook?

Gaming on facebook has ever been fun. The best part of it is that you don’t need to install any game on your computer or smart phone to play them. After all, you may need some basic tools like web browser and internet connection to play them.

However, even having the required tools, you may not able to play any games of facebook suddenly since last log in. There are many reasons for it and you can’t just suspect a single one.

What to do?

Before going to troubleshoot the problem, answer my following questions at first and proceed with the troubleshooting process.

  1. Have you installed any software program last time?
  2. Have you just ignored any warning it showed last time?
  3. Are you sure your computer is running good in the last few log ins?
  4. Have you installed any updates on your computer?
  5. Is your internet connection speed good?
  6. Did you check it on other browsers too?
  7. Have you played any new games on facebook last time?
  8. Do you find any suspicious warnings, unauthorized access notifications on your facebook in the past?

Solution 1: Re-enabling or Disabling the browser plugins

Any newly installed software might be conflicting with the plugins that are running on your browser. Check your software against vulnerability using your antivirus.

Sometimes installed programs disable the necessary browser plugins on the computer and installs the unnecessary ones. Re-enabling the necessary and disabling the unnecessary can solve your problem easily.

To re-enable/disable the plugins on Google Chrome, copy and paste the following path in your address bar and hit enter.


Tick or untick the plugins to enable or disable them. Make sure you have enabled the ‘Adobe Flash Player plugin’ first of all.

To re-enable/disable the plugins on Mozilla Firefox, copy and paste the following path in your address bar and hit enter.


Navigate to ‘plugins’ and and make sure you have enabled the ‘flash’ plugin fist of all and disable the unnecessary ones.

It is better to remove the programs that are conflicting with the browser plugins unless they are truly useful. I mean adware type of crapware specifically.

Solution 2: Caring about the warnings

The reason why most people fail to troubleshoot their computers is nothing but ignoring the warnings and notifications the operating system show. Every warning has its meaning and you just ignored the to understand.

Tune your computer by running the maintenance wizard on it or using a third party software. Download and install recommended updates on your computer after maintenance was done.

Never ignore any future warnings as they help you solve the problem in short time and in an easy way.

Solution 3: Finding the origin of the problem

You faced a problem with it today doesn’t mean that it is originated now. It might be because of the past problems you have been facing with your computer that are ignored.

Optimizing the computer, scanning for vulnerabilities and installing updates can help in most possible cases. If it doesn’t solve your problem, go for the operating system repair or reset your computer in case you are using Windows 8.

Solution 4: Re-checking installed updates

Installing updates would update your software on your computer. Updating software is not same as troubleshooting. The reason why I suggested you to go installation of software updates is to eliminate the possibilities of rising incompatibilities of latest technologies on your web browser and operating system.

Re-check the installed updates and explore if any conflicts were found among two or more programs. For example, some third party antivirus programs check for incompatible software on the computer before they start the installation wizard.

Solution 5: Check your internet connection

There is no point of checking all the above solutions before checking the internet connection as we are troubleshooting a gameplay online here. Check if your modem is working good. Check the speed of your internet connection and see if is quite enough to stream games online.

Solution 6: Make a check on other browsers too

You cannot play games on Facebook doesn’t mean that you cannot play it on other browsers too. Check if the game can be played on other browsers also or not.

If you can play it on other browsers, simply update the faulty browser or reinstall it.

If you cannot play it on other browsers too, go with the other solutions.

Solution 7: Played any new games on facebook?

An online gamer would ever be on hungry for new games. I know you are too.

Do you know that the most facebook hacks are happening are because of the games you play online?

There is a technique called tab nabbing technique through which a hacker can trick you to get your login credentials and can access your facebook without your consent.

The hacker might have blocked the most lovable game of yours in your facebook apps list.

Login to your account firstly and change your password. This time choose a strong password that is hard to understand and crack. Then unblock the app from your blocked app list.

Solution 8: Any suspicious activity on your facebook?

Every suspicious activity is not only because of some living hacker but also some potentially harmful code. Posts like Malaysian airlines flight found, John Cena died in the ring comes under those categories.

Facebook spam links look seductive and all it wanted is a click on it. Once clicked they will spread to your friends lists and their timelines and inboxes so viciously.

Use a good antivirus+internet security program and keep it updated from time to time. It can at least warn you not to proceed with the link you have clicked there by stopping the activity of the code before it shows an effect on your profile.

Hope I covered the most possible cases and solutions. Though, there might be some other reasons also for not allowing you to play games on facebook.

Have you ever faced any problems while playing games on facebook? Share your experiences with us in comments below.

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