How to Check Where Visitors Click on the Page on Your Blog?

The spectacular design of your blog and the easy navigability might have made you think that visitors are going to engage on particular parts of the page mainly. Are you sure that your visitors are engaging on the same appealing parts of the page as you are thinking they are?

Why should you know where on the page your visitors are engaging more?

There is are many benefits of knowing the user engagement on our webpages. It doesn't matter how attractive is your content is and how beautiful is your webpage. There would certain things on the page that would be dragging their attention most of the time. These things, upon optimization would double your profits than before.

Because people don’t read your article alone – I agree the fact that the content is king of your blog but believe me no king is safe unless he was put in some kind of fair protective palace surrounded by the powerful army and guiding intelligence.

If content is the king, the powerful army is the design of your blog and guiding intelligence is the SEO. So there are some other things that are to be taken care of beyond the scope of the content. Content is not the only thing that impresses your visitors.

What about ads that you put on your blog pages? – I think you got a bit closer to my point when I said ‘ads’. How many people do you think are clicking on your ad units displayed on your blog? Don’t tell me you are following up the statistical information of your publisher control panel. They just show you ‘after-math’. All the information you will find is there is the data collected after visitor clicked on them.

How many are actually clicking on them? Are they even seeing them exist on the page? The place to put the ads in right place, what we call the optimization is what going to help you increase your revenue though increased CTR which can be known by knowing where your visitors are engaging on the page mostly.

How to check where visitors click?

There available many good services offered by various companies on the internet. The visitor tracking features and the plan prices might change from one to another.

Here are some visitor heatmap services available on the internet. Sign up for a free account to test the service and upgrade to a commercial plan if your are comfortable with its results. – You can see track their visitors mouse pointer on their webpages precisely. Heatmap view allows you to see where people are clicking, hovering, focusing and scrolling their mouse on the page. – They allows to create free account for bloggers for life time with limited features. To get full features, you have to sign up to a commercial plan. – You can track your visitor’s footprints on your page along with a feature that collects data regarding the visitors attention on the page. – You can check your site’s demo heatmap stats right on their homepage. Tracking down the most famous elements on the webpage is their highlighting feature. You can sign up for a free trail and test their service anytime.

GemiusHeatmap( Gemius heatmap outsmarts other heatmap services in features. You can have full control over the click map and charts for every link is maintained separately. – You can also get a free sign up for ever with limited features. This service provides playback sessions to see visitors in action recorded.

and lot more.

Go sign up for a service today and convert your visitors into active leads.

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