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How to Convert Disqus Spam Comments into Valid Comments on Your Blog/Website?

Getting a lot of comments on the blog is one of those great achievements for any blogger. Some comment because they liked your wonderful write-up and some to build backlinks in a whole non-recommended way. We call such invalid, uncaring comments as spam and believe me, no professional blogger would like have them on their blog/website.


Disqus is one of the best commenting systems for bloggers. It can strictly filter spam comments automatically without letting you take effort to review it every time, but notified. Disqus, just like any other commenting system also block links in comments that might cause your site getting penalized.


Spam comments are not spam comments at all times. Some might want to leave you a reference link for the conversation you were having, in followed up comments. At those times the disqus commenting system on your blog/website might consider it spam and can block him/her from being more specific on his arguments. But you can allow the link in comment as far as it is natural. However it is important to know the necessity of neutralizing links in comments.


Sometimes your site visitors comment on your blog concerned right about your article finely but leaves an unnatural link in the end like as shown below:


‘Mr. James Bond



What are you going to do with them? Are you going to leave them along with other spam comments or convert them into valid ones and reply them?


When you wanted the conversation go on, you have to unblock those comments with external links and covert those half-spammy comments into valid ones.


Unblocking comments is not like allowing the links alive in comments but converting them into valid ones with no fear of getting penalized by Google’s future algorithms. Let’s see how those (half-spam) disqus comments can be neutralized and made valid on your blog.


Converting Disqus Spam Comments

Step 1: Sign into your disqus account and go to  admin panel.

Step 2: Click on ‘Spam’ to see all spam comments on your site(s).




Step 3: Identify the valid comment that is marked as spam and approve it.


Step 4: Now click on ‘All’ to see the list of all comments in dated order. The spam comment you have just approved will also be seen with green line as a valid comment.




Step 5: Now double clicking on the comment will open up a preview pane on the right side with ‘Reply’ and ‘Edit’ options. Click on ‘Edit’, remove the HTTP heads and replace ‘.’ with ‘(dot)’ in the link thus making it a dead link.




That’s it you’re done with converting half-spam comment into a valid one.


Bonus Tip

Do not approve and convert every spam comment as that would not inspire your visitors leave their genuine opinion on the article. Use your custom rules to filter out the spam comments from the valid ones. More valid visitor engagement would definitely help your site get ranked well.


Ok! now its your turn to leave a genuine opinion on this article!


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