How to Share Internet Connection on Firefox Mobile(Firefox OS)

It's just been two weeks since Mozilla Firefox lunched its own smartphone operating system, Firefox OS into the market but couldn’t impress the tech world. However, Firefox OS got some impressive features along with a beautiful UI.

One of these impressive features is the sharing of internet connection through Wi-Fi transceiver. Firefox OS allows users to share their internet connection and make a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Let’s see how to share your internet connection to your friends and family around through the Firefox mobile.

Here we go!

Go to the menu and navigate to settings.

Move down and tap on ‘Internet Sharing’.

You will now be shown the internet sharing options. Tap on ‘Hotspot settings’.

Set the SSID network name, Security, Password and tap ‘Ok’.

It will take you back to the internet sharing options menu. Toggle the ‘Wi-Fi hotspot’ to ‘On’.

Turn on Wi-Fi on your secondary device and search for your SSID and connect to it. Now you can start browsing the internet on both the devices in a cost-ineffective way.

C'mon guys, Firefox OS isn’t that bad!

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