Google Upgrades the Maps Engine to My Maps, the Upgrade Will Go Live in Upcoming Months

Google is going to upgrade the classical map engine to My Maps in the coming months of this year. The content on classical Google maps engine will be automatically moved on to the new My Maps during the upgrade. Also, the search engine giant decides to discontinue My Maps on during the upgrade.

You don’t have to take any action to secure the content created by you as it will be automatically upgraded to the new My Maps application. Google also avails an opportunity to upgrade to new My Maps before the automatic upgrade.

To upgrade yourself before the automatic upgrade,
  1. Go to new My Maps 
  2. Click on ‘Upgrade Now’ to get started.
You can save places, driving directions, add photos and videos just like you can do in classical My Maps application. Along with the old features, the new My Maps also has the following features:
  • You can share your map like a Google doc.
  • You can use different colors on the map to make places easily identifiable.
  • You can label your features directly on the map.
  • You can import locations from a spreadsheet and last but not least,
  • You can organize your places with layers.
After the upgrade, you will be allowed to avail all the old and new features of My Maps in your maps application. Also, you are not allowed to use the old My Maps application anymore.

Go upgrade now and prove that you are a techie!

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