Facebook Introduces Quick Select ‘Post as’ Button for Fan Pages

Now it is a lot much easier to post a status update on your fan page ‘as the page’ or ‘as yourself’. You had to change to yourself or page to post and view the page content accordingly in the past which really wasn’t that cool.

The new tweak that Facebook has introduced would let you choose the ‘post as’ contribution separately for each status update. The ‘post as’ will be visible on the top of the status update box and will look like as shown below:

However, posting as a person goes under ‘Posts to Page’ category, as usual, ending up with showing a notification like as shown below.

The new feature and the so-called tweak applied to post to a page is a good move by Facebook as it was a heck of transformation, had to go through to post on it as a person in the past. If it is making things easier than before, means it is good.

Thank you, Facebook!

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