Review: Hands On Testing The Safe File Storage

Everything is flying onto clouds these days. I’m not talking about the kites we used to fly in our childhood, it is about the technologies. The use of cloud space has been increased dramatically in a five-year span. Not only companies, even normal computer user today wants to get some space that is safer, larger and easier to use. is one of the cloud service providers that not only can store your personal files online but also can manage them like a third hand of you.

What so special about

There are many other could service providers on the internet but is the one I’ve seen with unique features. Let dig out them one by one.

Using you can,
  • Store files from your computer to cloud space so that can be accessed anytime anywhere.
  • Organize the files into folders.
  • Get secured download link for the files you have downloaded.
  • Download torrent files into your cloud space in seconds and can re-download them into your computer securely later.
  • Bypass network provider restrictions on particular websites.
  • Allows unlimited downloads from many limited download resources.
  • Download faster than you can imagine.

The features like high-speed download and secure linking of the files we have uploaded add extra security for our downloads.

Let’s see if can secure all the promised features practically.

How it works?

We’ve signed up for a professional account to test the full functionality of In the tests, we got the best results which motivated us to write this review. Here are the test results for you.

Downloading the torrents

Let’s start with my favorite part, the torrent downloading. To download a torrent, you just need to provide the torrent link or magnet link or the torrent file to

To provide a torrent link to, search your torrent, right-click on the torrent link >> copy link address(in Google Chrome) or copy link location(in Firefox).


Right-click on the magnet link >> copy link address.

Login to your account >> paste the link in the download area and click on ‘Download’ button.

You can paste multiple torrent links at a time and let the servers download the files for you. You may not have to stay logged in till the download completes. You can logout and check them back later.

However, you will receive email notifications when the downloads are completed.

Now go to your account and click on the ‘Download’ button as shown in the below screenshot.

Note: The downloaded files will only stay for some limited time in the server and will be deleted when they expire. It is advised to download the files before they expire. Because once expired you may have to download them again(which won’t take much time after all).

You can also upload torrent files from your computer but you cannot multiple upload torrent files at a time.

Downloading with security

You may download a torrent directly from the torrent client software but believe me, they are not as safer as you think. But can let you download files from it with SSL protection.

Uploading and organizing files from computer

Coming to the other side of the coin, features uploading of personal files from the computer and smartphone to its server so that they can be accessed anytime anywhere.

To access the on your smartphone, download the free Android application and install it on your smartphone.

To upload the files from your computer or smartphone, click on ‘Store file’ option and add or drag files you wanted to and click on ‘Start Upload’.

All your uploaded files will be shown in the file organizer like as shown in the following screenshot:

You can organize, download and delete the files wherever you want.

Refer & earn space allow earning 500MB of space for every referral signup. Additional limitless bonus is also added for every single sign up. You can use this bonus for downloading any torrent without any restrictions.

How to create and account in

  1. Go to and click on sign up link, fill in your details and submit.
  2. You will be asked to confirm your email and once clicked on the confirmation link, you are in.
  3. You may use a free account with worthy limited features before buying a plan if wanted.

  • You can download torrent files from the sources safely on to your system.
  • Can access the frequently used files on the cloud anytime anywhere.
  • High-speed download even downloads 1GB in seconds on to the server.
  • Flexible plans and useful features.
  • Rewards referral signups.
  • Stops downloads if the IP address is changed.
  • Full data security.
  • Can resume downloads of zipped files.


  • File sharing option is expected.
  • File manager lacks options.


The features offered by are very good and useful for any kind of individual. The adding of SSL security to torrents gives a sigh of relief over the infected files. The simple and effective user interface is friendly and handy to any kind of novice or expert to use.

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