Russian Hackers Leak 4.3 Million Gmail IDs with Passwords

Russian hackers have leaked the email IDs and their passwords of 4.3 million Google accounts earlier today. According to the news report on TOI, the hackers leaked a massive list of emails IDs along with their passwords in the bitcoin forum with a username Tvskit. The hacker claims that about 60% of the email IDs are active and working with the passwords gathered.

This major hack poses a threat to the other Google services like Google Drive, YouTube, AdSense, Google Plus and Maps also as it uses the same login credentials to access them.

Google denies baring the responsibility on this hack. They said that only 2% of the hacked accounts are still active and also said that their anti-hijacking feature would have blocked access to the rest.

Talking about the hack, Google acknowledges that the hack is not due to the security breach into their own systems. They also said the possibility of the hack might be because of the reusing of the same username and password in another website which was hacked first and trailed on Google later.

It is the second major security breach happened in a week since the massive hack into Hollywood’s most famous celebrities personal digital devices. This Gmail leak is not so different from the one that happened with them. The interesting thing is that no one is there to express concern about Gmail victims yet.

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