Why to Choose a Profitable Niche for Blogging?

Everybody owns a blog today but only some could make money from it. I don’t mean the ‘making money’ word to those who earn to pay their hosting bills. I used it for those professional bloggers who are making 5-6 figures revenue monthly.

Wait! don’t misunderstand me. This article is for everyone, more particular for the non-professional bloggers who are hanging on with their low paying blogs for years.

What do you think is paying you(apart from your writing skills, SEO and design)? – Your blog’s niche. The niche you choose to proceed with your blog is the size of the spoon you choose to feed yourself. The bigger the spoon is, the more that you can take food into the mouth. Let me explain it in blogger bibliography!

I have a friend who writes about job alerts, results and everything else on the internet. It brings him huge traffic for his blog every day and earns him a perfect 4 figure income per month. Sounds everything fine? read on for tongue biting fact.

The amount of traffic and the number of ad clicks he is getting can earn him 4x times than he was earning now if his was a single niche blog.

For example, I earn the same amount what he is earning from 100 average ad clicks with only 10 average on my site. Because amfastech.com is a single niche site. The ads served on my site are much valuable than my friend’s. So I think you got the point.

Blog’s niche decides the value!

The niche of your blog decides the value of the blog. The most profitable niches are Finance and Forex. Advertisers rush to show their ads on such high rated niches.

What if I can’t blog in high paying niches?

Though some are high paying niches, you cannot blog about it unless you know about it. If you try to maintain a blog on a topic with zero knowledge, it would lead to a big failure. So search for a topic that suits your ideology and knowledge base personally. Choose a niche of your interest which would encourage, motivate and inspire you with success.

What do you say? share your thoughts in comments!

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