Facebook Video Calling Troubleshooting Guide

We often come about some issues regarding the video calling on facebook. Here is the troubleshooting guide for video calling on facebook with solutions for mostly raised issues.

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Case #1: Call disconnects upon connecting – Facebook video call runs with the help of Skype plugin. Skype have difficulties running on low speed bandwidth connections. If you are a regular Skype user, you would have noticed this issue earlier. But Facebook can even run on low speed bandwidth connections.

Bandwidth may not be the only cause for quick disconnections. If you are sure about your internet speed and think it is because of another unknown reason, report the issue to facebook.

Case #2: Showing “Software is temporarily  unavailable” – This error might be because of Skype plugin again. Try restarting the tab or web browser, if it doesn’t work, try it on another browser. If nothing works, try to reinstall the video calling plugin for the browser.

You can also remove the old plugin from programs >uninstall a program option in control panel in Windows. To remove the plugin in Mac OS X, search for FacebookVideoCalling file and delete it.

Case#3: Error while installing video calling software – Check if there are any blocking rules applied to your username on your computer. If you are the only one using computer with administrator privileges and sure about software installing authorization on your computer, it might be a bug on facebook. Report the bug to facebook or wait till is fixed by themselves.

Case #4: Video call quality is too low – The quality of the video call may not always depend upon the speed of the internet connection. It might be because of the outdated web browser you are using. Update your web browser in this case.

The quality of the webcam should also be considered here. You could never make a quality video call unless you have a high quality web camera. Upgrading your web cam to high quality one can make the difference.

Pause all the downloads and close all unused applications to improve the performance of the video call.

If you are trying to make the video call from your laptop, make sure it is not running out of battery or in power saving mode.

Case #5: Other person can’t see you or vice versa – This happens when there is problem with your webcam. Go to control panel and configure the default webcam device.

Case #6: Headset/Microphone isn’t working – Check if your headset pins are correctly plugged in. If correctly plugged in, check if your headset is set as the default device or not.

Also check your microphone/headset’s mute button. Some headsets are muted by default when they are plugged out, we need to turn them back to unmute state.

Hope that helps!

Did you ever face any problem with facebook video calling? How did you come over the issue at last? Share your bad video calling experience in comments.

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