How to Promote Off Niche Products on Niche Blogs Naturally?

One of the best earning practices an average blogger implements is affiliate marketing after Google AdSense. You can make the most of a affiliate program if you can promote the products/services effectively. Also, you can make the most of an affiliate program if right products were chosen.

Right products, what I meant in last line are the products that give higher commissions per sale. You can’t just simply promote an off niche product on your niche blog. For example, you can’t directly promote a product related to apparel on your technology niche blog.


What happens if promoted directly? – There would be no problem if you totally depend on affiliate marketing to earn from blog. The question comes to focus for sites which also use contextual advertising programs like Google AdSense.

If off niche products are promoted directly through your blog, it disturbs the Google sensing capabilities for your ad units and results in showing low paying ads.

So how to promote off niche products? – Where there is a will there a way(hoping that I said it right). You can apply a creative strategy which I have been practicing to promote off niche products on my blog. I call it ‘adapting friendly writing style of your own’.

Adapting Friendly Writing Style of Your Own

“Write for visitors not for search engines” says pro bloggers in their articles often. Adapting a friendly writing style that seems like as you are trying to make a conversation with your friend. It, not only looks natural but also earns loyal fans for your blog. In fact your writing style defines the quality of the blog.

Insert hyperlinks of affiliate products on the text in your article. Because your writing style defines the adaptively of the links.

For example, take a look at the following paragraph with adapted affiliate link on the text.

“Go to Acquisition tab in Google Analytics, set your date range within which you wanted the data to be displayed. Now ‘take a sip of coffee’ while it loads.”

Let us also see another example,

“Make sure you set all the wires plugged into right ports and turn on the CPU. Wait! don’t forget to ‘wear a pair of Aviators as you are about to unleash the power of computing.”

So, what are you waiting for? read more articles from various blogs. Observe how well they are writing and what techniques they are using to attract visitors. Find a technique you can do well with, adapt it in your articles and promote high paying off niche products smartly.

What do you think? Do you have a different strategy to promote off niche products on your niche blog? Share your thoughts in comments.

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