Do you know that you are being tracked by your smart phone?

Applications on your smart phone may be tracking your every move and monitoring your every journey, say experts.

Smart phones, being constantly connected to internet are allowing users track their every journey within the reach. For the users of Android smart phones, those who signed up for Google Now are being tracked and the map records are kept safe for months.


Google now is a known for its smart intelligence companionship in executing everyday tasks of an average user. Every place you visit would be recorded and stored into your Google account. When you visit them, they can be seen as red pin points on the map in day, week and monthly data intervals .

It also maintains a sync with the calendar tasks and reminds you the tasks to be done at those places while travelling. It is useful but not in everyone's case.

Users fear the case of their Gmail accounts getting hacked. A hacker can easily track the daily life activities of the victim and can exploit into personal space more violently. However you can turnoff the tracking option if wanted and Google also make no compulsion on this.

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