How to Choose Best Keywords to Get High Organic Traffic

Getting high traffic is still a dream for many bloggers on the web. A blogger won’t get enough traffic though he/she writes genuine high quality content without proper keyword optimization.

I am not talking about the keyword stuffing as it is purely discouraged by Google. Keyword optimization is researching keywords that would bring you high traffic for your content from search engines. For example choosing ‘best PayPal alternatives’ over ‘sites like PayPal’ would get you more traffic.

If this is how keywords best performing are used to optimize the visibility of the article in search engines, how to search for such high performing keywords?

There is a simple solution, which is also called ‘Google Keyword Planner tool’ that helps us choose best performing keywords in search engines. Keyword Planer Tool can help us with the monthly search statistics of the keywords. Let’s see how to use it in determining the best keywords.

Using Google Keyword Planner Tool

I’m going to use Keyword Planner Tool here to demonstrate difference between the average monthly searches and competition of the keywords you have chosen and those that bring high traffic.

As we were talking about PayPal alternatives example, I’m going to type in the keyword ‘sites like PayPal’ at first.


You can see the reputation and monthly average searches for the non-optimized keyword being just 30 and the competition is undoubtedly low. That means only 30 searches are made based on that keyword per month which is impossible and not actually useful in bringing traffic to your site though yours is the only site that uses this keyword.

However the monthly searches for relevant keywords is higher and surprisingly they go between 4-6 million searches per month. If the exact keyword is not helping, the relevant keywords would help at least. If we see the relevancy of the keyword ‘sites like paypal’, it shows some like as shown below:


The relevant keywords doesn’t match the exact one we are using. I don’t think it’s going to help your site get found on search engines on top.

Now let’s see the stats for the other keyword ‘paypal alternatives’, which we are assuming better traffic from.


The average searches per month are improved by 4 times compared to the previous keyword. Though there is a low competition for it, we could see the suggestion bid of Rs.63.43 which shows the popularity and demand for the same.

If we see the alternate keyword list, you can observe the highest relevancy of the keyword we have chosen.


For example, observe the average monthly searches for the keyword ‘paypal’ with 5 million searches alone. Though you won’t get much traffic for the exact' ‘paypal alternatives’, you would at least get focused for the inner keyword ‘paypal’.

Choose Keywords with High Traffic and Low Competition

Keywords with high traffic and low competition? really? would they work? – I know you have the flow of such questions in your mind now. As we are talking about targeting high organic traffic, I’m just going to focus on traffic bringing keywords only in this article. Let me explain clearly!

Though getting high traffic, some keywords have less competition in search engines. This may be because of the monotony of the existence of the keyword for a particular organization like as ‘paypal’. This doesn’t mean that they are infamous. The traffic shows its organic reputation already.

Choosing most searched keywords though having low competition would help your site get shown in top results quickly. Getting shown in top results would help you get more organic traffic automatically.

Choose keywords wisely next time you write an article and see the difference. Share you experiences with keyword planner tool and how creatively you use it to get organic traffic?

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