Facebook crashes again in a month and half

This is not the first time in the year for Facebook to crash. It was just a month and half ago since the last outage was occurred. Just like that time twitter cashes the outage again.

This second outage also left billions of users with an error message saying “Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.”

Mark Zukerberg assured users worldwide that no more blackouts would occur in future when last time. This frequent crash really disappointed the users who wanted to access their personal data at those hard times.


Why this happens?

The addition of new features to facebook is not the only reason for its crash, it is due to the communication gap between the facebook servers around the world.

The misconfigurations between the data centers which are need to be communicated continuously might be the causes for blackouts.

Is end of facebook nearer?

No! a couple of blackouts can’t decide the future of a giant company like Facebook. Mark already said in a press meeting about the blackout last time that they are going to do something to make it not happen again. May be he needed some more time.

Facebook is running successful around the world with billion of users for now. If this continues and some other social media introduces dominating features, Facebook may go down. Till then, fear not about facebook and your data in it.

What world tweets?

Every blackout of facebook would becomes a trending topic on twitter. Here are some funny tweets found in twitter about the ‘catastrophe'.

..and last but not least

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