Don’t Make the Same 3 Mistakes Many Other Websites Owners are Doing

After web designing started determining the value of the business, the necessity to make them render properly on different devices have peaked up. Google also makes some recommendations over this issue to help webmasters optimize their websites for better performance.


Though there comes any number of recommendations from any liable resources, many website owners are unable to rectify the following 3 design issues on their business websites. I don’t want you repeat the same mistakes and simply ignore them with the world.


1. Pages that load slowly and show up suddenly after sometime

The point in creating a website is to get the visitor’s attention on their products and services there by allowing them to convert into an active customer.


If a website won’t load in 2 damn seconds, you can’t get a customer nor even a visitor. It is found that an average visitor could barely wait for 5 seconds to let the webpage load. Forget about some stranger visitor, would you stay on a page that loads forever?


Solution: Unused CSS, JavaScript and third party scripts can block the page from rendering. Remove the unused code and compress the possible CSS to make the webpage load faster.


Optimize your webpage for mobile to load faster on small devices. You can also refer the following helpful articles for optimizing webpages fro mobile:

2. Pages with out numbered call-to-action elements

Call-to-action pages are where you get your visitors get converted. Placing call-to-action buttons in the bottom of the webpage can’t help you grow your business. Remember that you no need to use the same technique everyone else is using.


Solution: Place call-to-action buttons on the upfold of the page so that it will appear first to the visitor and therefore doesn’t looses him from converting into a customer.


3. Pages in which a popup blocks the main page before it finishes rendering.

This is one of the most annoying things a visitor hates to see on a webpage in its first few seconds of loading. Popups may get you tons of social media followers and email subscribers as they serves blocking entire content page with only a subscription button highlighted and rest out-focused, but it can’t get you loyal customers visitors to the site.


Solution: Forget about one-time,weekly once and monthly popups on your website. If your site is really cool, visitors would rush to search for subscription links themselves.


I wish you don’t make these mistakes on your website(s) and rectify them if you are still practicing. Help visitors get proper access to the beautiful content you have created.


Share your thoughts or suggestions in comments below. Thank you!

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