Beware! HTTPS Can Affect Your AdSense Earnings

We’ve come to know that the Google has started considering HTTPS as a ranking signal with less than 1% of its effect on current ranking algorithms. It seems like it have its effect on AdSense publishers too. Google also confirms the news that they are going to filter out the HTTPS ads from the normal ones.

“We’ve updated the AdSense ad code so that it now supports secure ad serving through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) on Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) web pages. This means that publishers with secure sites, i.e., sites that are served over the HTTPS protocol, can now use AdSense ad code to serve SSL-compliant ads.” says Google in its AdSense support page for SSL.

The competition for SSL enabled advertisements would be less as there are no active HTTPS users on the internet. Less competitive ads might get bided for low amounts. So eventually, the publisher will experience a massive drop in his income.

Google here by expects publishers attention over the three main points discussed below:
  • Google serves SSL enabled code for publishers those who has switched to HTTPS. They don’t recommend to have the HTTPS enabled code on the HTTP sites unless they have a strong reason to do so. The reason might be regarding protection of the user information like credit cards, passwords and any other sensitive details.
  • Secondly, HTTPS enabled sites require all the content, including the ads be a SSL compliant. So AdSense team is going to stop your pages from showing for HTTP advertisements.
  • The SSL as discussed in fist point also works on HTTP sites. This won’t change the way the ads are served.
It is also said that the old version of the AdSense code is not compatible with the SSL enabled sites. So it is recommended to use the new ad code.

Are you planning to upgrade your site to HTTPS? What is that you are cooking in you mind after reading this news? share it in comments.

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