mCouple App Review: An App that could break up relationship between couples

Every couple is not happy as others. One of the both are doubting their partners with extramarital affairs. As a result they are tending to spy on their partner’s daily activities both physically and digitally which is a foundation stone for breakup.

Software companies are cashing on this weakness of couples by releasing the spying apps and software. Such and app is this mCouple that is developed my mSpy, a London based company. This is available in the market now as a free as well as pro version.

How this app works?

This app works on the mutual consent of couple to share the personal phone calls, messages and social network appearances on the phone.

mcouple app

It shares locations always and notifies the partner of were he/she is on the planet.

mcouple app-share-location

Once mutually agreed to share the messages and chats on the app, one of both can easily access the messages and chats whenever they want.

sharing chats and messages

Each other can spy on one another’s phone book and call logs.


One can even access the photos in the gallery of their partner's phone.

How to get started?

Once you go to the home screen, you could see the settings and options to access the map locations, call logs, call history, sms, facebook chats etc.

When you open this app for the first time, it ask you to set up your profile with your name and email and also to connect your facebook profile. In case you are not asked to setup any profile, you can set it up on your own. Simply tap on the profile > Edit profile and provide your details.

Once the profile setup is done, it asks you to connect yours to your partner.


The profile setup thing is to be done on the other side also. Once done, you would be ale to spy on each other’s content.


This application is very good in tracking one another digital life activities. It could have been developed for parents to track their teenage children or national security officers to track their sub-ordinates under them. But the idea of spying on couples totally sucks. It could increase the distance between the couple and can lead to divorces if married and breakups if in a relationship.

This app is very good functionally, but sucks when it comes to application area. It can not only run relationships but also ruins couple’s secret surprises which strengthen their bonds.

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