Top 5 Laptops Under Rs.20,000 in 2014

Have you ever thought of buying a laptop for your little daily needs? I can guess what would have dragged you a distance off when you went to buy one. Budget, right? This is the reason why most of the aspirants are stopping outside the computer shops holding their pockets.

You no need to worry about the budget anymore. Here I come with some list of top 5 configurations under Rs.20,000. Believe me you won’t get a better laptop lesser than this budget.

1. Asus X551CA Netbook

Asus X551CA3Asus X551CA2Asus X551CAAsus X551CA4

Acer X551 comes with Intel Celeron 3rd generation dual core processor, 2GB RAM and 500 GB hard disk with SuperMulti DVD RW Drive with Dual Layer Support. You cannot expect a optical drive for netbooks under 20k and if given, it might be a myth, but Asus make the myth come true.

If under 20k is your budget, this should be in the top of your list. This laptop have got everything you wanted. It also got multi-purpose optical drive.

See Full Configuration Details of Asus X551CA
Price: Rs, 18,985
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2. Asus X200CA Netbook

Asus X200CA

This one has got best configuration either but doesn’t reaches the Asus X551CA mark. It lacks of optical drive and powerful processor. As I said before, the budget matters all.

See Full Configuration Details of Asus X200CA
Price: Rs, 18,240
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3. Acer Aspire V5-123 Netbook


This Acer machine comes with AMD dual core processor,  2GB RAM and 512MB graphics on the board with AMD Radeon HD 8210 graphics processing unit. If Asus is not your choice, this should be in the top of the list.

See Full Configuration Details of Acer Aspire V5-123 Netbook
Price: Rs. 19,000
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4. Lenovo IdeaPad A10


This is the cheapest ideapad netbook from Lenovo that has flexibly bendable screen. This runs on Android and with 1GB RAM and 16GB SSD. The specs might sound mute to you as it runs on the specifications of a average smart phone. When you wanted to do a lot of typing, fastest internet browsing along with simple android applications, this is the one.

See Full Configuration Details of Lenovo IdeaPad A10
Price: Rs, 15,070
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5. Toshiba Satellite C850


The Satellite series netbook comes with Intel Celeron dual core processor, 2GB RAM and 320GB hard disk. It also have Intel HD graphics GPU and long lasting 6 cell battery. What can you expect in budget laptops better than this (bites tongue) apart from Asus X551CA.

See Full Configuration Details of Toshiba Satellite C850
Price: Rs.19,450
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Please Note: The rates and the availability of the product may change from time to time. We do not hold the stock or set the price. The details given above are for your reference only.

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