Safest Link Building Techniques for Bloggers 2014

Link building is on of the metrics search engines consider in ranking your webpages. The more genuine inbound links you get, the higher your pages will be ranked. If you are aggressive in building links in unnatural ways, Google shows its aggressiveness in penalizing your blog. You might have already known about the happening Panda 4.0 penalizing the popular link building sites with no mercy. Those sites are literally ranked 4 to 6 till then. After the update no traces of them are found on the web.

Search engines are serious about inbound links. That is the reason behind Google’s penalization of guest blogging sites in the first quarter of this year. Guest blogging sites sprung up like weed providing backlinks that are quite unnatural. The meaning for inbound links is different in Google’s dictionary, so punished those sites which provide unnatural links. The case is same with other search engines too. No company would like to get bad reputation from their customers, because they know ‘word of mouth’ is more influential than self promotions.


Before I get into the topic, I would like to clarify an important thing, link building is really a waste thing to practice if you have low quality or no quality content on your blog. The quality of the content you provide is all matters in ink building. The better is your content, the more natural links you get. It’s a simple formula.

Having the high quality content is good, but how could catch more eyeballs? Here are some safest link building techniques to increase your page rank in SERP.

Write high quality content

As discussed earlier, quality of the content all matters. If you publish an article on your blog with high quality content, people automatically would refer that blog post on web and social media bringing a lot of social and web referrals to it. This is what search engines look for. These natural links are considered in ranking that page.

Let us suppose, you wrote a guest post with fine content and targeted keyword as inbound links to your site. Search engines will never consider these links as inbound links as the era of guest blogging for link building has already came to an end. Therefore the content you have written in guest blogging, though had enough quality to get ranked, will be ignored.

It is better to focus on writing the same quality content on your blog with internal linking if necessary. It is only going to help you like any other technique in link building in a natural way.

Design Infographics

Infographics are a great way of building links to your site. Unfortunately many are started to abuse this technique and are giving Infographics a whole bad reputation. Rather than just quickly throwing some text and graphics and calling it done, spend some time on researching on data you provide in it and design it with a professional look. Seek a professional designer’s help if needed. A perfectly designed Infographic could get hundreds of backlinks over night if everything’s right.

Here are the few tips to create an Infographic,
  • Refer some magazines and observe the layout of the design they use in them.
  • Put some information that is really useful.
  • Create your Infographics between the 500px and 600px wide so that it fits in most of the blogs.
  • Create and place the embed code under the infographic with a credits link of your website/blog.

Write an eBook & Give it for Free

It may take you some time to write an eBook. An eBook with valuable content is to be marked here. Content is the king ever. If you supposedly released an eBook on most trending or most wanted topic, it would taste success giving you tons of backlinks to your site. You no need to juggle up words to fill the pages. An eBook can be of 6-18 pages with super valuable content.

You finished an eBook and what would you do with it next? Are you going to sell it like many other money makers? If you are thinking of doing so, you are making a big mistake. “Don’t forget your purpose while working on it busy”, you are writing an eBook to get backlinks for your site but not to sell it for some bucks which you won’t get any by doing so.

Provide a free download of the eBook on your site. You might be wondering how people link to your site when they can download the eBook for free. If the content you are providing is truly valuable, visitors and fellow bloggers would link to it and wait for the download to get active. Provide links to the articles in your site in the eBook you’ve written. An eBook can be accessed offline and so can be referred more than one time which an article on the blog can’t be doing, when offline.

Giveaways and Contests

Everyone likes giveaways. A giveaway of a most adorable product could make it work. It would be good if the product or service you offered in giveaway matches your blog’s niche. If you have a fashion blog, offering a brand new T-shirt would be an appropriate giveaway and can get backlinks from similar sites. If it is a tech blog you are maintaining, offering a giveaway of software or a premium blog template would make it work for you.

Here are some guidelines for running a successful giveaway:
  • The giveaway is to be something substantial i.e., like a software, iPad, airline tickets and a pair of Nike stompers.]
  • Did you got any value in return from the people who entered the contest? You could have them tweet about the contest, follow your blog on Facebook and twitter, comment on the giveaway page and write about the contest in a blog post.
  • Broadcast the winners for all entries so that people would know that your contests are for real.
  • Promote the contest on social media and forums to engage more and more visitors into it.
Search engines would try to filter the crap out of the good content so as to provide the user the best content as far as possible. In this process, they would penalize the blogs and sites that are practicing wrong ways to climb the higher positions in a search engine ranking page. Through optimization of the blog could make it clean and get ranked higher quick.

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