How to Stop Receiving YouTube Comment Notifications on Google Plus

Google products are all synched together. With one Google account you can gain access to several Google products. It is good to have synced to many services with only one account but not every time. If you are one of the successful YouTube users, you would have noticed the Google+ showing notifications of your YouTube channel’s activity in  multiplied red counts. Google+, as we talked about it, in the earlier article, compels users to use it unnecessarily.
When you are running a successful YouTube channel, you would obviously get more likes comments and shares for your videos. It sometimes irritates to see every comment notification from your YouTube channel in Google+ notifications. You can disable them by opting out some settings from your YouTube channel. Here is how to do it:
Step 1: Sign in to your YouTube channel.
Step 2: Click your profile name or photo on the top right and choose Settings.


Step 3: Under Receive Notifications, click on Posts and it will expand.




Step 4: Remove the tick over ‘Shares or comments on your content across the web(for example, your YouTube videos or your blog)’. Wait till ‘Settings Saved’ and ‘Notification Preferences saved’ messages appear.




That’s all. You’re done. From now you won’t get notifications on to your Google+ profile if anyone comments on your videos.


Hope it solved your problem in a eye blink. Thanks for visiting!

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