How to run Firefox Mobile OS on your Computer?

The Firefox introduced a new product into the software market, the rumored operating system, Firefox OS for mobiles so recently. The browser making company reveled that its going to its debut its operating system through Intex and Spice handsets in upcoming months. The company has signed a fair business deal with Intel and Spice smart phone manufacturing companies to have the new OS for their mobiles.
The noticeable thing here is that the mobile phones with Firefox operating system are available for just around $25-$30 i.e., for Rs.1500-Rs.2000 of range. The price announcement is stinging a bit while the leading operating systems like Android are ruling the world and the Android devices are available starting from $70 i.e., from Rs4,200.
Tech experts started to estimate the future of Firefox with unclear facts, flaws and looking at the price it offered for. Firefox seems like taken the issue seriously and so it made available the simulator edition of their debuting operating system on their site. You can download and run it on your computer to check out the newfangled features of the operating system before it is released.
To get the Firefox on to your computer,
  • Go to and scroll down to the Boot 2 Gecko category.
  • Download the Zip file edition from it.
    downloading-firefox os
  • Extract the Zip file and you will a folder with name ‘b2g’.
  • Open the folder, find and open the b2g application file.
  • Now a window simulating a smart phone with Firefox OS startup screen will be shown. Customize the settings just like you set up a newly brought phone when turning on.
  • After the one time startup settings are set, the phone will show a home screen like as shown in the following screenshot.
  • Scroll through the pre-installed apps and other features of Firefox operating system.




Watch our first hands-on experience on Firefox OS in the following video:


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