Turning On/Off Automatic Brightness Adjustment in Windows 7 or Windows 8

The brightness of monitors or laptop screens can be set to adjust automatically according to the ambiance light of the place you are sitting in, with your computer. This feature can be either automated or manualized according to your needs. This feature is actively known with the name ‘adaptive brightness’.

Adaptive brightness is a kind of technology that adjusts brightness for different kind of content that is shown on the display screen. It adapts to the environment and thus making displays dim or brighter. If you are viewing the darker content on the screen, the technology would dim the display and when doing typing work or viewing brighter content with white backgrounds, the display would increase the brightness automatically.

Adaptive brightness technology is very helpful for those who use computers or laptops for regular use. Using this option would increase the battery life after all. But for those who does multimedia work, adaptive brightness is a pain. Just think how distracting it would be when trying to brighten an image in Photoshop with dim setting! Not only the multimedia users, the normal users might want this setting turned off when working with Photoshop or similar tool. So now, I’m going to show you how to turn this setting On/Off according to the necessity.

Turning On/Off Automatic Brightness Adjustment

Follow the instructions as shown below to turn On/Off adaptive brightness on your computer screen.

power settings
  • Go to Power Options > Chang plan settings.
  • Click on 'Change advanced power settings’ > Scroll down to ‘Display’ > Click on ‘+’ to expand > Click to expand ‘Enable adaptive brightness’.
  • You will see ‘On battery’ and ‘Plugged in’ settings under ‘Enable adaptive brightness’. Toggle them On/Off as per your wish.
Watch the video tutorial of the same:

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