3 Best Practices to Increase Views on YouTube

One should agree the fact that your YouTube channel is one of the million existed channels of which viewers choose to watch a video or entire playlist from. In that case you should be proud of creating something that earns attention of the viewers. If you found your videos not getting multiple figured views, it would be your fault not the one who searches for it. In this article, I’d talk about 3 best practices that would increase views and change the shape of your channel.

Best Practice #1: Create Original & Interesting Content

Content is the king of web ever. If the whole SEO should depend on one major consideration, that would be the ‘content’. Creating wonderful content would help you get more views on YouTube at most. This is the great way indeed.

If you create a video that is most wanted or make something creative that attracts the viewer’s attention, it may go viral with in a blink of the night. Because many YouTube stars born over night this way. So think something creative today!

Best Practice #2: Get More Subscribers

Subscribers are the best way to increase your video views. They play a critical role in making you succeed on YouTube. When you are creating original, beautiful and attractive content, subscribers are the fastest way to increase the watch time and your views.

subscribers youtube

Subscribers spend more time watching videos on YouTube than a casual visitor. The only person who would be interested in your content and would be coming to watch a video you’ve just uploaded is a subscriber.

So how are you going to get more subscribers? It is easy! setup your channel in a way that helps people subscribe and create original & interesting content that pulls attention of the viewers and convinces them to subscribe to your channel.

Best Practice #3: Set up Your Channel Appealing

You might have seen some channel on YouTube set up with eye catching design and appealing titles. For e.g., You would choose to click on the title ‘Earn $50 a day with AdSense’ rather than clicking on ‘Earn more with AdSense’. That doesn’t mean the second title isn’t appealing, but it is not that much attractive than the first one.

Setting up a channel appealing constitutes adding the web links, channel art, channel trailer and sections of the videos you have uploaded.

Adding web-links would help the viewer find the uploader on a website or social network. It is important as it elevates your channel’s good reputation at viewer.

Channel art would show up your brand on this video-sharing website. A channel art on YouTube would look like this:

channel art amfastech

Create a trailer for your channel branding your channel name and its features. This gives a quick knowledge about your branding.

Arranging videos in a showcase to attract viewers is also an important thing to remember.  For e.g., take a look at the screenshot of amfastech channel:

youtube channel sections

These 3 are not the only best practices to increase views on YouTube videos. Only the top three were put before you. Should I add/remove a ‘practice’ from this top 3? share your thoughts in comments.

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