MOTO E Full Technical Review: Motorola's Budget Phone with Amazing Specs and Low Price

Motorola has released its new flagship, Moto E in the market so recently into the markets. The mobile phone is available for Rs.6999 in India making it a great budget mobile phone for the specifications it comes with, like Android Kitkat 4.4, 1GB RAM, Gorilla Glass 3 and 302 Aderno Graphics. The so far released 1GB mobile phones in the market costs more than 12k rupees In India. The price of Moto E is too good to have one for just 7k. It is also expected that the market release price may come down in future.


This dual-SIM smart phone is only available in Flipart in India right now and the largest eCommerce website gives the free home delivery and some exiting offers worth Rs.1000 and more for this budget phone. Let’s take a look at the exciting and sizzling features of Moto E that tempts anyone to buy one.



Moto E        Moto E Display


The 4.3 inch display of the device fits perfectly in the palm unlike any other big screen smart phones in the market. The 256ppi gives the sharper and crispy display with 540x960 qHD resolution pulls out the every detail in the photos and crystal clear text.


The display is protected by Gorilla Glass 3 to lend sturdiness and splash guard to ensure resistance from water spills. The anti-smudge coating makes it perfect for usage in any environment.



                        Moto E backcover                                     Moto E Design


The Moto E is designed with a slightest curvy surface at the back to fit in the palm for browsing, typing text and watch movies. The ergonomic design of the device ensures that keeping in touch and constant use are easy on the arm. The back cover design gives a firm grip of the device while using and carrying around.


Processor & RAM

Moto E falls under 1GB RAM handsets. For those which costs double than the price of Moto E would face a real competition with this handset. Market experts say that the demand for the rest of the 1GB RAM devices would going to come down a little.


This device comes with dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 A7 processor that runs tasks at 1.2GHz speed supported by the 1GB RAM. The 24 hours lasting battery is enough to drive multi-tasking operations smoothly through one to another all through the day.


The 302 400 Aderno MHz single core graphics run the high graphical games efficiently on the device showing off every detail on the display.


Operating System

The operating system Moto E comes with is the latest version of Android, the Kitkat 4.4 version. Motorola has already released Kitkat phones in the market in the past and got best sales in the market. The Android Kitkat 4.4 brings all redefined features like faster multitasking, more immersive visuals, smart calling and messaging. The Google voice search allows you to perform so many useful functions on the phone just like you can do it on iPhone with Siri.



The memory Moto E comes with is 4GB internal and expandable support of 32GB through microSD card. The range of internal memory is quite common for the smart phones in this lower price range. There facilitates an option of saving the data directly into the external storage.



Moto E camera


It features 5MP rear camera which is capable of recording FVWGA video as well. You can simply click on the screen any where to snap a picture while using camera application. The 5MP is not so great but not bad for its price range phones.


It doesn’t have a front camera. So you can’t take selfies and also can’t make video calls. Most of the smart phones at this price range won’t be having front camera too. May be Motorola wants to cut down the cost of production and therefore the price of the device.



Moto E is equipped with 19080mAh Li-ion battery that gives the backup for 24 hours on mixed usage of media, calls, internet and texting. You may not have to go search for a charging port more than once a day.



Moto E supports 3G, after all this is not the biggest asset of the device as all the smart phones coming with this connectivity feature.


You can browse the internet at faster speeds with 3G and Wi-Fi connections. Moto E is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 which transfers data among the devices simpler and faster.


The Moto E is armed with conventional FM radio access. You can tune into the local FM radio stations when get bored of local music on the phone.


Moto Functions

Moto E comes with Motorola migrate features which allows the switching between the phones you are using and the new much easier. Migration features allows the transfer of all the data from older phone to the new Moto E.


Moto assistant works a real time assistant for you while using the phone. It let’s you set up actions and exceptions to customize it according to your needs. Once you bought the device, you will find out how useful is it.


Wrapping Up

Moto E is a quite good phone for great budget. The amazing specifications that were equipped with costs more than 12k rupees at least in India. It seems it is best for those who wants to buy a budget phone irrespective of the design. The design is not so great and it looks a bit bold in hand.


The bottom line of the review is “If you wanted a Android phone with great specs in 10k budget, Moto E is the answer”. It serves best the purpose and believe me you won’t regret buying it. If you want a phone that should have a great design for the same specs, go get one for more extra bucks.


Moto E is currently available in Flipkart only at Rs 6999. Go buy one today!

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