How To Make Money with Flipkart?

Flipkart is one of the most famous e-commerce Indian companies founded in the recent past. This online megastore sells different kinds of products online taking from baby products to adult apparel and electronic accessories to heavy laptops. The availability of different sort of goods at one place and the Flipkart’s loyalty at their customers earned them a good reputation.

Update 2016: Flipkart has changed the user interface of the affiliate dashboard. The following screenshots may not be the same but the options remain with the same functionality.

How to earn with Flipkart?

Flipkart introduced a great way to earn commissions by referring products to our friends, family, and unknown, called Flipkart Affiliates. Flipkart affiliates program allows us to earn commissions by placing banners and links of products on our websites to refer to users.

Flipkart affiliates
We can make commissions from 4% and up to 15% of the product’s price. The commission rates changes from product to product, season to season and time to time.

How to signup to Flipkart Affiliates?

You can directly go to website and click on ‘Join’ to start the signup process. You’ll have to fill up the form with your genuine address details as the payments will be made according to it.

If you miss filling any optional detail in the form, do not neglect it. Sign in into your affiliate account and click on ‘My Account’ to add/edit the information you have provided.

Generally, the account information is classified into 3 categories.

  1. Affiliate account informationaffiliate account information
  2. Affiliate website informationaffiliate website info
3. Affiliate payment informationaffiliate payment info

You can change your ‘Individual’ affiliate account to ‘Organization’ type.

You can add more than one website for your once-approved affiliate account. Each website should have a unique URL.

Make sure you have entered the correct information in the payment section. You can swap between the two available payment methods, EFT(Electronic Fund Transfer) or Gift Voucher. You will have to enter the bank account details along with the PAN card number if EFT mode has opted.

Save changes when you are done adding or editing the affiliate account details.

How to start making money?

Starting up with Flipkart affiliates is easy. The amount of earnings you are going to earn depends on how creative you are going to work with it.

Making money with direct product links & banners

To start making money sign in into your affiliate account > Product Links and Banners > Search for trending products.

For e.g., Let’s say Moto G is the trending product now from ‘Mobiles & Accessories’ category. So, I’ll search for Moto G from ‘Mobiles’ category in the ‘Product Links and Banners’ search bar.

finding trending products on flipkart

Click on either of the available options and choose ‘Get Banner’ or ‘Get Link’ to showcase the product on your website.

This is how the banner looks like when placed on your website:

This is how the link looks like when put it on your website:
Buy Moto G from

You can also choose a button form of the link to make it look professional.

You can also place the default static banners that are available in two different sizes, 300x250 and 728x90. Flipkart updates these static banners and replaces the old ones with new according to the market trends.

Flipkart offers flexible features for its affiliates. You can also choose to place the static banners showcasing current offers in Flipkart.

Making money with widgets

Flipkart affiliate program provides 3 kinds of widgets that show best sellers and featured deals. These widgets can be added into your website with no hard effort and make your visitors choose the product right there.

For e.g.,
The best sellers widget:

The featured deals widget:

Apart from these two widgets, Flipkart allows you to choose multiple products of your choice to be shown. To create one, go to ‘Multi Product Banners’ and choose a size, get the code and paste in in your website where you wanted it to be displayed.

When will I get paid?

Flipkart pays its affiliates when the balance in their accounts reach the threshold Rs. 250 for Gift Voucher and Rs.2,500 Rs.1,000 for EFT. Read more FAQ about flipkart’s affiliate program.

So what are you waiting for? Go, create an affiliate account and start making money with your website.

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