Now Get the Fingerprint Scanner on your Android too | Fingerprint Scanner App Free Download

Fingerprint scanner is no more a limited feature that comes with the expensive handsets like iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S5. Fingerprint scanner doesn't need any specific scanner hardware inbuilt but the Android OS on your mobile phone or tablet. This isn’t about the magic feature of Android phones, it all about a prank app that mocks the real fingerprint scanner along with the security screen lock.

Fingerprint Lock is the app that was developed by Porrassoft team which is famous for developing prank apps like Xray Scanner and Lie Detector for Android devices in the past.

Finger print lock app

This is an prank app that works as true screen lock with your own wallpaper.


This app would protect your screen lock in disguise. People other than you won’t touch your phone considering if it was real finger print scanner. It may not fool everyone but it can fool some atleast. After all, the idea of not-to-touch your device would be fulfilled.

Download Fingerprint Lock


  • Advertisements pop up right after scan and the tab showing it not real.
  • App won’t work consistently from time to time.
  • Pressing the home button would close the running app. This is a real vulnerability. People with hands on experience with Android devices can easily turn off this app.
  • Press and hold on the scan area for some time would open up the lock(mocks).
Bottom line: It is not that much good app for real security but not definitely a bad one. It could at least keep third hand away from itself.

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