A Seminar Report on Bar Codes | Abstract & PPT Download


Example take a seller, before inventing barcodes, he uses a price list for knowing the details of item. But it is very consuming for both searching and preparing the price list. Later this retail outlet is computerized .In these details of items were already kept in database. Using the code number of the item the seller access the details of the item. But here also some problems arise. We must remember the code number of each item and whenever the price changes, we must update the entire database. If new product comes into existence, then we have to give new code to that product. It is risky process.

If we use barcodes, there is no such problem. We get online information without giving any data to the computer. If the manufacturing company produces large quantity of products, then these barcodes are very useful.

The idea was come in 1932.But it implement take many years. The actual usage of barcodes was started in 1970.From last 15 years usage of barcodes increases rapidly.

First barcode product is Wrengly’s checking sum and it is scanned at marsh’s super market around 25 years ago. Then the little barcode has increased and multitude and today one can see barcodes printed on every item in retail’s stores throughout the world.

Now we are observing these barcodes in every item that we come across. This is useful for both manufacturer and seller.

What is barcode? It consists of parallel and adjacent bars. It also consists of some narrow bars and some wide bars. The width and height of bars are specified according to the numbers or characters given to it. But the actual data kept on the bars. These numbers are only for references.

Structure of barcodes? The basic structure of barcodes consists of a start and stop characters. And one or more data characters and a check sum character.

Start and stop characters are useful for barcode readers for knowing where the barcode is started and where it is ended. The data character consists of batch number, price of the item, country name, item code etc. The check sum character is used for knowing whether the barcode reader scan the barcode correctly or not.

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