How to Bypass Surveys while Downloading from Internet[100% working technique]

Surveys are annoying while downloading from internet. We can see the download links behind the popped up survey lightbox but can’t download unless a survey is done. Sometimes a single survey won’t give us access to download links which makes us quit the website with despair. The older technique of bypassing surveys while downloading seems like not worked for so many.

The newer technique which I'm going to reveal in this article would work for 100% sure.

Bypassing Surveys

Go to this link:, right-click on the ‘XJZ Survey Remover’ link and ‘save as bookmark’

XJZ Survey Remover' - survey-remover_com_bookmarklet

You can also use the JavaScript shown below the XJZ Survey Remover link if you are using old version web browsers.

Now open the download links site which is compelling you to take a survey. Click on the XJZ Survey Remover bookmark.

It will allow you to remove the survey links with just simple couple of clicks on the survey pane.

If no survey links are found, it will show you a pop-up notification that looks like following,

no surveys found
I have tried this tool on their own site, It showed this,

Removing surveys
Finally, a good tool is found on internet  that could bypass frustrating surveys on download links. What do you think? Comment you thoughts below.

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