Samsung proves the rumors about Galaxy S5 wrong

Samsung has announced its next big thing, the Galaxy S5 officially with next generation features. It was rumoured that Galaxy S5 is going to enter the market with great features like curved endless screen and full screen flexible gear. Proving all the rumoured design specifications wrong, Samsung has set to release its new flick, galaxy S5 with its iconic design and features that are expected in April 2014.

Rumoured Specifications 

Curved Screen

Curved screen for Samsung S5 was a hot topic. People started to rumour that S5 is going to be released with curved screen. Though the curved screen was an unofficial concept, anticipations over this technology grew higher. Showing it wrong Samsung came up with its classical flat super amoled display but with more sharper one.

Quad Speakers with S:: Surround effect

This was another rumoured feature. Samsung's Galaxy S5 is expected to release with quad speakers with S::surround effect. 

This wasn't that much anticipated to the curved screen technology. Although, expectations raised when this feature was seen on the web.

No quad speakers can be found on the Galaxy S5. However Samsung Galaxy S5 equipped with powerful loud speaker that delivers high quality audio.

Laser Keyboard

This is the most interesting feature that has been anticipated in every future gadget of Samsung, Apple and Nokia's Lumia devices since years of technology past. Samsung S5 may not be the generation of laser keyboard for handheld devices. As Samsung is expected to be introducing finger print scanner technology which has been introduced and adapted by the Apple iPhones already, this might not be the time for laser technologies.

The recent announcement of Samsung's Galaxy S5 broke some mysteries and myths about this device. However the specifications of Galaxy S5 are quite decent and awesome. The price of this device is not yet announced and I believe it would be exciting.

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