Avail Dedicated IP For Your Advanced Hosting Service

A Dedicated Hosting IP enables a hosting account to have its unique address and refrains other accounts in that browser from sharing the same address. Renowned websites and the e-commerce one have dedicated Internet protocol addresses. A host of advantages is attached to these dedicated addresses. If you have a site that is business oriented or a merchant account and you intend to accept payment through credit card then a dedicated IP address is a compulsion. This is primarily due to the reason, that Secured Socket Layer Certificate is mandatory for these sites. You would not obtain those, without dedicated addresses.

Use of IP address

Internet Protocol addresses are assigned to different web servers and devices that are connected to the internet. Primarily this address comprises of four numbers, which are segregated by dots or periods. Routers, switches and computers have their individual IP addresses. Address of a web server is fixed, which means that whenever you type the address, the server will only be identified. Unlike the dedicated ones, in shared addresses, there are partitions in the server and the website owners also share the maintenance charge of the server. However, this does not mean that you need to pay more for the dedicated services, as the hosting services also have various packages for dedicated IPs.

Benefits of dedicated ones

To prevent spamming, many servers block IP addresses and not the individual user. In the case of shared ones, block of an IP address, means that of various sites having the same address. However, with dedicated address, you will have control of your mail server. If you have a shared address, then pay a small fee to a hosting company to enjoy the benefits of dedicated IP address. Few specific benefits of the latter are

  • It is fast to navigate especially, when the traffic load is heavy.
  • If you are intending on creating a corporate intranet, then it is beneficial.
  • You can enhance the compatibility of your site with various browsers.

Facilitates anonymous FTP

With a dedicated IP address, you can access your site during the period of domain propagation, when domain names are not available. Few hosting services, also require dedicated address to permit anonymous file transfer protocol. This protocol is the standard used to transfer various files between two electronic devices that are connected to the internet. It enables a computer to permit an FTP software user to access files stored in the disk drive of the former, that is intended or sharing. It is referred as anonymous as the user is denoted so. To facilitate anonymous FTP, dedicated IP address, is required.

Obtaining SSL certificates easy

Secure Sockets Layer certificates are essential if you want to have an online store. Apart from this, if the website has provisions of transmissions related to health care services, or use of credit cards, then this certificate is essential. This certificate is a protocol that ensures that transmission of any message or any information is secure on the internet. To ensure readers that they have entered a secured login area, and they are transacting through a safe ssl link, then you would require this certification. And, this is not possible without dedicated IP address.

If you want optimize your site with a web browser, or want to promote various sites then you can have different IP addresses for all of them. You would naturally, not want search engines to associate different sites together. Having a dedicated IP address not only improves the chances of better ranking of the sites but also helps in uphold different websites. Hosting services around the country, offer assistance to purchase a dedicated address and set it up. They also help with technical assistance round the clock so that your website can be online within a short duration.

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Nick Damon initially has a shared IP address for his website. Of late he has procured a dedicated IP address. With the new address, he could obtain a SSL certificate that helped him to set up an online store and ease the transaction through credit

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