How to Bypass Windows 8, 7 or Vista Login Password?

Have you forgot the login password of your computer running on Windows 8, 7 or Vista? So what are you going to do? Believe me pal! changing operating system is not answer to every computer problem. Just follow the instructions below to get your computer back to your control.

Bypassing Computer Login Password

Forgetfulness is normal to an average human being. Don't curse yourself or squeeze out the most of your password memories. Booting your computer in Safe Mode would help solve your problem. 
  • Restart the computer and press F8 while booting up. This will bring you advanced boot options menu. Choose Safe Mode with Command Prompt from the available options. This will boot you up into Safe Mode with a Command Prompt.
  • Now type net user Administrator /active:yes in the prompt and hit Enter. This will show you the status "Command Completed Successfully" on successful execution.

  • Now restart the system by using system -r command. 
  • After restart, you will notice Administrator account being visible along with your password-forgotten account. Now login into your Administrator account which is not password protected by default (or If you have set any Administrator password previously, Enter it and log in).

Here comes the next important part of recovering your lost account. You can change the password of your lost account and it doesn't need any idea of previous password. To do so,

  • Right-Click on My Computer and Click on Manage. 
  • Click to expand Local Users and Groups.
  • Double-Click on Users. This will show you the list of users on your computer.
  • Right-Click on the account you have forgotten the password for. Then click on Set Password. You will be shown a prompt asking for New Password. Enter the new password twice and click Ok.
Now you have successfully changed the password for password-forgotten account. You can logoff from Administrator account and login into your original account now.

As the Administrator account gives access to your computer and allows you to change the password for lost accounts, it is some what vulnerable. So it's better to turn off Administrator account after you are done with recovery. To do so, 

  • Open CMD > Run as Adminstrator > type 'net user Administrator /active:no'. This will hide the Administrator account from being visible in the log in area.
You can also set a password for your Administrator account to protect it from unauthorized access. The choice to choose a password for this account is left to you only as it may also be forgotten in future. If it happens so, the only way that helps you get back your computer safe is running a password reset disk. So create a password reset disk before you fall into pit again.

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